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Grammy-Award-Winning Songwriting that Gets Results,  Combining Arts, Education, and Community Outreach
Song Development - Music Production - Music Business Mentoring  - Recording -  Workshops - Artist Development

Songwriting and Talent Competitions
where Bill Pere has been a Judge, Critiquer or Mentor

Bill's input and evaluations have made a difference in the careers of many artists,
and have resulted in the awarding of tens of thousands of dollars in prizes and career opportunities

  • Unisong International Songwriting Contest

  • Indie International Songwriting Competition

  • Podunk Bluegrass Festival National Songwriting Competition

  • Indiegrrl International Song Contest

  • Earth Awareness International Environmental Songwriting Competition
  • Voices For Hope Regional/National Vocal Competition

  • Woodsong Singer-Songwriter Competition

  • Rising Star Talent Competition

  • We R Indie National Singer-Songwriter Slam

  • Connecticut Songwriters Association Talent Competition

  • L.U.N.C.H. Service Scholarship Program

  • Cady Foundation Arts Scholarship Program

  • Songsalive Songcamp

  • IMC DiscCourse

  • Coventry Battle of the Bands

  • CT Folk International Songwriting Competition

  • CT Commission on the Arts Troubadour Selection Panel

  • CT Songwriting Academy Talent Scholarship Program

  • CSA Song Screening Panel

  • 5th Ward Studios Band Stars Showcase

  • First Night Entertainer Screening Panel  

  • Mystic River Folk Screening Panel

  • CT State Troubadour Selection Panel