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Title:     Calendar
Appears on:
"New Day Coming  Tomorrow"
Released: 1997

Notes:  Top 10 for more than 3 years on various Indie Charts.  All music and vocal  parts arranged and performed by Bill Pere

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Bill Pere


  (from "New Day Coming Tomorrow)
CALENDAR reached #1 on the Artist Launch Folk charts on August 29, 2004.  It then reached #1 on the Number One Music folk charts, and has been in the All-Time Top 10 for more than 3 years.   This song , a combination of old and new, is a kaleidoscopic presentation of musical arrangement.

From the CD "New Day Coming Tomorrow", Calendar looks at the progression of a life using the metaphor of the four seasons. Each season has a musically and lyrically distinct identity, with a common chorus unifying the sections. This is an intricate musical arrangement where I tried to use my training in orchestration to give each season a distinct musical texture.     

The chorus for "Calendar" was originally part of a totally different song, written when I was a teenager in high school.   That song, called "April"  looked at the coming of Spring as a time for new relationships.

 Years later, when the idea for portraying life through the seasons came along, I used the old  "Calendar" chorus to tie it together, since it always got good audience reactions when performed live in its original form.   

The song is very difficult to perform live because of the textures and rhythms,  but
but the reaction across all age groups shows that the music and message work together to make people stop and think about their lives.

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