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The Dream Held In Your Eyes


Title:     The Dream Held In Your Eyes Appears on:   "Dare to Dream"
Sung by:           Jaclyn Sabogal
Status:              2007 release

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You can get the song  on i-Tunes or
from the CD  "Dare to Dream"

   When I came to Connecticut from New York City, I found there were two teen shelters in the town for girls who ran away from home or who could not  live in their home environment.

    I volunteered there for many years as a mentor,  singing for the girls, helping with homework,   providing a home environment on holidays,  providing a safe  place when they ran away.    It was for those shelters that I did my first benefit show,  bringing together many artists  for the cause.    That became an ongoing effort, and ten years later,  became what is now the LUNCH organization.   To this day, one of my very best guitar students was a girl from the shelter. 

    In the years that I volunteered at the homes,  the stories the girls told me about their lives became the songs on my Cityscape CD   which has since been used as a suicide prevention resource.  

   One perspective that was not included on that CD  was that of the social workers who worked tirelessly and often thanklessly at the shelters, essentially being surrogate parents to the girls there.     After 5 years, one of the caregivers at the homes  informed me she would be moving on to other things.    As I sat that evening in a quiet library, I thought about all the things she must have felt but could not say to the girls in her care.

 "The Dream Held In Your Eyes"  was written then,  from the perspective of the caregivers,   drawing on the thoughts and feelings they shared with me many times.  It was not written in time to get onto the original Cityscape CD, but it is appropriate for the
 "Dare to Dream" collection.      

Prior to its release in "Dare to Dream"  it was performed live just once, with string ensemble,  at the final benefit concert we did for the homes.

( Lyrics  )

You can get the song  on i-Tunes or
from the CD  "Dare to Dream"