Bubble Bath -- Music by Bill Pere ,
using the voice of Kimberley Potts

You're hearing music with no instruments, and voices with no words. The
sounds you hear which seem like bells, keyboards or dolphins are actually
the sounds of a human voice. How can that be? Kimberley said her name into a
computer called a sampler, which measured the sound 44,000 times a second
and turned it into numbers. This allows us to take little pieces of the word
and do things to it . We can make it higher, lower, backwards, or inside
out. We can mix it with other sounds. We can use these sounds just like
musical instruments to make melodies and chords. The bubble -popping sounds
you hear are the "B" sounds from "Kimberley". The clicking sounds are the
"K". The organ-type sound s are from the vowels and the letter "m". You can also
hear notes made up of "Berl" and "Ly". Every sound in the song comes from
Sampling, which is used in a lot of today's music is one example of how
music and math, art and technology work together to create new things.
Copyright Bill Pere, KidThink Music All Rights Reserved