Celestial Symphony words and music by Bill Pere
from the children's musical "Pegasus" by Bill Pere )

(Ahh.....come join our chorus!)
Come sing a song with the night sky
A celestial symphonic display
Whoever you are, you too can be a star
It doesn't matter if you can't play,
Just come and sing...

(Ahh.....come join our chorus!)
The planets spin through the night sky
Weaving the fabric of space
They shine as they fly, caressing the eye
With the beauty of Venus' face.
So come and sing..

(Ahh.....come join our chorus!)
Saturn shows off her engagement
As a comet tail showers her hair
Pegasus drinks from the dipper and thinks
"How cooling to quaff evening air"
So come and sing

(Ahh.....come join our chorus!)
The Pleides children are laughing
To the lilting of pale lunar light
The Milky Way scintillates and sends the song
To brighten up Neptune's cold night
And invite him to sing...

(Ahh.....come join our chorus!)
The reverie reaches crescendo
As the Jovian thunder is heard
Taurus' horns with their fanfare adorn
All the music, the joy and the words
We sing tonight...

(Ahh.....come join our chorus!)
Copyright Bill Pere. All Rights Reserved