The Crib in the Creche  (A Prayer From Me)
words and music by Bill Pere

Their freezer is filled with a fine festive feast
While outside the church window I stare
This Christmas Eve chill is pushin' twenty below
My legs just can't carry me there...
Been an hour or two since I last felt my feet
I won't last this night if I don't get inside
Three days with nothing to eat, and I don't know how long
Since I swallowed my pride

I hear someone say they feel warmth in their soul,
Makes me think about the hole in my shoe
If I fall on my knees, the rips in my clothes
Let the winter wind weave its way through...
Freezing winds disorient me
I search through my mind to recall how to pray
God, give me a hand or a light to lead me along
Please help me find your way
(Westward leading, still  proceeding, Guide us to Thy perfect light)

Doesn't anybody care for me?
Isn't anybody there to see?
Isn't there an answer somewhere for a prayer from me?

I'm tired of wasting this life that I have
I pray for a new chance to live
I never thought much 'bout what angels did say
I'm told if I ask, you'll forgive
A swill from a bottle can't drown out my pain
Like the swell from that choir now drowns out my yell
I just can't compete with the sound of sopranos in song
On that high note Noel
(The First Noel, the Angels say, Noel , Noel, Noel, Noel...)

I see as they sing how their spirits just soar
But the spirits I've poured into me
Have made me so sore and so weak and so cold
That its opened my eyes wide to see
With my last ounce of strength I cast up a stone
But they can't hear the knock of the rock that I hurled
My arms are so weak and their voices just sing out so strong
About joy to the world
(Joy to the world,  the Lord has come...)

Doesn't anybody care for me?
Isn't anybody there to see?
Isn't there an answer somewhere for a prayer from me?

Through the haze on the glass I see someone pass by
But the silent night swallows my shout
I see plates piled with pastry and pies passed around
Just about then I pass out
God rest this lonely gentleman,
Let something ease this pain
If I am truly forsaken then please don't prolong
This final refrain
(Good tidings of comfort and joy...)

I dream Mother Mary is smiling at me,
Then the sights and the sounds start to mesh
I hear someone say how they found this poor soul
Collapsed on the crib in the creche...
Been an hour or two since I first felt the love
That you share with Your children, and they've shared with me
They've taken me in, made me feel like I belong
Now finally I see
(He who now will help the poor Shall himself find blessing)

Someone really cares for me.
Someone's always there to see.
You've given me an answer right here for a prayer from me.

Bill Pere. All Rights Reserved



"If a man tried to take his time on earth and prove before he died what one man's life could be worth,  I wonder what would happen to this world?"  --- Harry Chapin