Cries of the Unheard   (words and music by Bill Pere)      From the Rock Opera, "Song of Time to Come"

(This is a dialog, with two intertwining parts which sometimes converge)

I once knew the light of tomorrow
            I have never seen the day
I once knew the warmth of the sunrise
            I live in darkness
I feel a darkness surrounding my body
           I'm floating endlessly
The feeling of loneliness deep inside me grows_

Am I alone - I'm alone --- Am I alone -- I'm alone Am I alone -- I'm alone

Somewhere I think I've lost (I think I'm about to be)
                          All the things I've dreamed
Remembering all the paths ( There's a threshold to be )
                          Crossed, I think it seems

As though I'm not a part of the way things should be
I'm trembling with uncertainty, what's happening to me_..

        I don't know what I feel
Seems to be only a vision to me
        But it seems real to me
All I once knew is not here anymore
        And I can see a light up ahead so bright
Enveloping void of intangible pictures flow
        That I'm drawn to it
That I can see_.

So much evanescence pervading the essence
        Drawing me near
Of what made my world and gave acquiescence
        I can see, I can hear
To all of my senses, I have no defenses_.
Everything is strange Everything's changing
Everything's changing
Everything's strange, Everything's strange_.

I feel myself uprooted, Movement fluid
But not knowing where I'm going
Getting closer all the time_.

I can't move or make a sound
There are no colors, all is silence
Voices in my memory cry of tranquility and violence
Fleeting recollections of the lights, the sounds the screams
Now a realization of what this nothing means_

I look to the heavens above hoping to find the love
In celestial gardens of light that we see in the smile of the night
I've heard that the lights of that land are the forces that guide our hand
Do the feelings this world has destroyed lie in that nebulous void ?

Athena bring me wisdom
Aphrodite bring me love
Scorpio Pisces bring good fortune
Gemini Virgo where is life

If compassion lies in belief, why can I find no relief ?
I have so many feelings to give to the world in which I must now live
Will pity find envy? Will sight find the blind?
Will truth find injustice? Will the soul find the mind?
Where is life, Where is life, Where _. ?

A veil of tears from the mourning light caresses the ground above
Time has no compassion, no sympathy or love
I stand alone before the door, not knowing what to find
It opens wide, I'm pulled inside, my world is left behind

I stand unclothed for all to see, the hour is at hand
My essence feels so hollow, but I think I understand_
Am I alone --- I'm alone Am I alone --- I'm alone

The green moss curtains that drape the trees of the forest where I played
Now reach out to touch this ground where I have just been laid to rest
Am I alone --- I'm alone Am I alone --- I'm alone

Am I left alone to face this world ? I'm labeled Capricorn
In those stars perhaps there'll be some love for this child who's just been born..
Am I alone --- I'm alone Am I alone --- I'm alone
Am I alone --- I'm alone Am I alone ---  I'm alone


Copyright  2007 Bill Pere. All rights reserved.