Fortune Teller
words and music by Bill Pere

"See her! I hear she's very good!"
"Wait here for me", he said to his chauffeur.

He sneaked through the door, cause it would hurt his reputation
If a wealthy businessman like him were seen
Yes, he believed, he was sure she could help him
This two-bit fortune telling gypsy queen

He said "Can you tell me about my business deal next week?
What should I do? What words should I speak?"

She gazed into her crystal ball
And said "You won't be making any deals at all...
Tonight", she said as she reached to touch her shawl
"When the sun goes down, you'll be killed by a fall..."

See him...he's a very frightened man
The gypsy laughs at the way he up and ran...

He said to his chauffeur "The sun is going down!
Hurry, take me home! I must lay down on the ground so I can't fall!"

He rushed into his living room and he lay down on the floor
He said "I'll spend the night here while my servants guard the door."

As he lay on the floor asleep, his dreams were free from fear
Outside, a truck passed by his driveway
The vibration unloosed the chandelier....

  Bill Pere. All Rights Reserved



"If a man tried to take his time on earth and prove before he died what one man's life could be worth,  I wonder what would happen to this world?"  --- Harry Chapin