Reflection (Friday Night)
words and music by Bill Pere

(He): Who is that girl sitting all alone
On a Friday night, she looks sad, like a cold and sunless dawn
Hey pretty girl, why are you alone?
Don't you know that just down the street
there's a party going on?

(She): I know but I don't think they'd want me there,
I'd be in the way I don't dance, and I don't want to get stoned
Besides both my sisters are there and I told them I'd stay here
Just in case one of their boyfriends should phone

(He): Well if you don't have a date and since it's not very late
I can stay and talk and find out who you are
I don't converse very well, I guess you can tell,
But one thing I can do is sing, but I don't have my guitar

(She):  Please I'd like to hear, will you sing for me
Can we go and get your guitar,? I bet you play like a star
Let's go to your home I'll forget the phone,
I don't like to be all alone, we won't have to walk too far

(Both): And who is this person?
I like the way she/he looks at me
Those eyes are filled with such kindness,
I wonder what kinds of things do they see in me?

(He): Please don't expect virtuosity,
Just a simple song is the best I can do, but it's for you

(She): Just go ahead, play your melody,
I know it will be the reflection of all I see in you

(He): Then I played my song, and before too long
I was in the embrace Of the adoring smile on her face

(She): And each note I heard
Whispered hidden meanings and words in my ear
Then he held me near, I was filled with such joy and such fear

Please I don't know what to do
When I am alone with you and I'm scared,
I've never done this before
You think that you can't offer me very much
But I don't think too many others could give more
You made me the reflection
Of the love that I saw in your eyes.

Copyright Bill Pere  All rights reserved.