Game Warden Words and Music by Bill Pere

Game warden, is your last tree still alive
Do you remember when the forest used to thrive
And where there once were birds, there are now only dusty skies

Game warden, are the fish all in their grave
I know you tried, but one man could save them
Not when a million other men destroy what nature gave them

Hey Mister Mayor, do you like your pretty city?
Are the rats as nice to look at as the deer and fawn?
Are you happy now that the river is gone?

Hey Mister Mayor, how's the traffic on the highway?
What happened to the songs of the leaves rustlin' in the trees?
Your smoke stacks look a little clumsy swayin' in the breeze

And the Game Warden stands
With a dead bird in his hand
And a tear in his eye...

Copyright Bill Pere. All Rights Reserved