words and music by Bill Pere
(From the musical "Pegasus", prelude to "She Made It All Worthwhile" )

Little boy, put down your toy
Open your eyes, the world has changed
Your friends are gone, they've grown up now
And even you are not the same somehow

People you've met,
Some you've liked, some you've left, and yet
Still time crept on, your friends look the same
Except the games they play are not much fun
It seems they care too much about who has won..

You can sit in your sandbox and build your castles
But can't you see
That the sand's running out, and it won't be long
Before you will be
On your own in a cold world,
And you'll need someone to love

Who will it be ?
You'll need a friend or two, maybe a girl
Maybe the one next door
Or the one you've always been looking for but can never find...

Oh, you say you'll be fine?
Well I know that since I found her
There's nothing more I could ask
And every star that shines is mine...


Copyright Bill Pere. All rights reserved.