House of Ideas
words and music by Bill Pere

The kids never knew what was going on in his mind
The teachers never knew what new ideas he would find
He'd sit in school and think up new ways
To speed up the clocks and shorten the days
Make candy out of broccoli and color from grays
Make a dollar from a dime,
He'd spend his time inventing his House of Ideas
So dream.....

The stairways in his head led to rooms, from their windows he'd see
Sights never seen, he'd ask "Now why can't that be?"
A computer that looks cuter than a plain plastic box
Neon paint to help him find two matching socks
A way to have a secret conversation with rocks
If soda's fizz and bees can buzz
Then he'd invent new his House of Ideas
So dream...

Sometimes there'd be a faraway look on his face
Those were the times he'd be flying off in outer space
He'd fly into the sky on electric guitars
Collecting marbles that used to be stars
There's a giant sized collection in a long row of jars
With two from the Big Dipper
And three that used to be Casseopia' his House of Ideas
So dream...

Copyright Bill Pere,  All Rights Reserved