Jack T. Tation Words and Music by Bill Pere

Jack T. Tation gives out his invitation at school
Thirteenth birthday party, all the kids will come cause he's cool...
A master of hyperbole, he builds himself up verbally
And everyone believes that it's true
There's a sad and empty space that he hides behind his face
He thinks the world would laugh if they knew...
Is he like you?

Mary Master has a life that's a disaster they say
She didn't get an invite; With a smile she says “It's all right, it's okay...”
Friday night alone, glad to be home on her own
She finds a lot of fun things to do...
She cooks and does some crafts and reads books that make her laugh
She invites the world to laugh with her too,
Is she like you?
Jack T. Tation is filled with desperation and tears
He finds the price is high to be a guy who's so admired by his peers
This birthday party crowd is getting much too loud
This night has no soul, only style...
He's tired of being alone, he goes over to the phone,
Calls Mary and they talk for awhile,
She'll teach him how to smile....

© Copyright Bill Pere. All Rights Reserved