Life's Cafe (Table For Two)  (words and music by Bill Pere)

Table for two and an empty chair
The course of life is served, but you're not there...
The seat remains reserved as the clock ticks on the wall
Turning winters into spring times and summers into fall

I sit and seek a slice of solace here in life's cafe
Wondering if I'd meet you here someday
In a distant dream I saw your face, the answer to a prayer
Would you come and take this place and fill this chair?

Then suddenly a silhouette is standing in the door
Backlit, with an Aphrodite smile
An answer in your eyes
I asked if you would fill this chair and stay awhile...

Then a brand new conversation and an endless cup of tea
And I knew it, the picture was complete,
The sustenance was tender, the chocolate oh so sweet,
And we'd never sit alone again and face an empty seat...

Table for two, you're with me every day
My cup is filled here in life's cafe



Copyright Bill Pere. All rights reserved.