The Organ Grinder
words and music by Bill Pere

The cold wind blows the snow through the night
The organ grinder stands by the street light
All the people pass by, they wonder why
He doesn't play

He hears the call of distant bells
Only he knows the sad story it tells
The wind drowns out the chimes, he thinks back on happier times
As he turns away

A frozen teardrop falls to the ground
As his shadow lingers over that snow covered mound
Here he speaks softly to the one friend he knew
Saying 'I'll play for you'

On the street the people in their winter coats rush by
Wondering what presents their freinds can afford to buy
Oh how happy they will be tomorrow when they see
Their gifts under the tree

And the organ grinder gives himself to the night
He knows he's too old to put up a fight
And he sinks to the ground where he will lay in the snow he smiles, he knows
He and his friend can play...

Bill Pere. All Rights Reserved



"If a man tried to take his time on earth and prove before he died what one man's life could be worth,  I wonder what would happen to this world?"  --- Harry Chapin