Words and Music by Bill Pere

I'd keep my eyes, so I could see the skies
And watch the morning mist in a meadow start to rise

I'd keep my ears, to be the one who hears
the laughter and the tears and the music of the spheres

It would be a waste if I couldn't taste
Some chocolate cakes I've faced in kitchens that I've graced!

I'd always want to feel to know the world is real
I'd think that's a good deal, cause touch has its appeal...

Uh-oh... Here comes Elmo...a guy who most definitely has a scent!
Hey Elmo, if you had to give up four of your senses, which one would you
choose to keep?

I'd pick my nose! I'd pick my nose! you can keep your eyes and your ears and
your tongue and your toes, I'd pick my nose!

That's enough of this nonsense! This song is the most senseless thing I've
ever heard!
Now wait a minute...I think we have to take a census to get consensus on the
senses. We don't want any dissent!
Well guys, so what's the consensus aboutthis song?
Looks good! Sounds fine! Feels right! Suits my taste!
I think the whole thing stinks!

Copyright Bill Pere, KidThink Music All Rights Reserved