Shadow Lad
words and music by Bill Pere
(Who's that guy?)   I'm just a shadow in the hallway
(Walk on by)          No one seems to care
(Saw him cry)         I cry out, I reach out
(Wonder why?)      It seems I'm not there
Sad shadow, bad Shadow, mad Shadow Lad

(Tries to hide)         People passing by me
(Stays outside)        I'm not on their list
(Wears a mask)      Never look, never smile
(Doesn't ask)          I just don't exist
Sad shadow, bad Shadow, mad Shadow Lad

I see an icy stare, They're walking by They're unaware
They pass me by with glassy eye and not a single word to share
No one seeks to speak to me they don't see this non entity
It's time to blow away the haze, time to break out of the maze

(Has no name)           Someday I'm gonna change it
(Seems a shame)       Can't let this nothingness go on
(Not the same)           I will stand in the light
(Different game)         Till the shadow is gone
Sad shadow, bad Shadow, mad Shadow Lad

(Could be nice)
(Break the ice)
(Need advice)
(What's the price?)

Copyright Bill Pere  All rights reserved.