Shine On (Graduation)
words and music by Bill Pere

It's just beginning (You can see it start)
A point of light in the dark (It's from your heart)
The life you're spinning is just a spark to make a mark
(Shine a beacon through the haze)
(Wash away the shadow's grays now...)

It keeps unfolding (You can see it glow)
The points of light in a line (You can make it grow)
The love you're holding is gonna shine.... Let it shine
(Watch the shadows fade to white)
(Take the chill out of the night now...)

Shine On..... Shine On..... Shine On.....

With each reflection (You know it seems)
Of kindness there in your eyes (Like all your dreams)
A new connection will arise, to fill the skies
(Are beams that search the sky above)
(Shining with the light of love now...)

Shine On.....Shine On.....Shine On.....

The light of one life it seems never shall exceed
The light of one sun
But each star in the sky joins hands with a neighbor
To make a galaxy

Shine On.....Shine On.....Shine On.....

Copyright Bill Pere  All rights reserved.