Someone To Come Along
Words and Music by Bill Pere

Young girl, feeling sad, feeling misunderstood
Finding out that being alone is no good
Looking for someone who can share your rhyme,
So you spend some time between the pages of a fantasy tale
Where all the heroes don't know how to fail
But when you flip that last page over
And the book's back on the shelf,
You're still standing by yourself
Wondering what went wrong
Looking for someone to come along...

Young girl, wondering why it seems so hard to find a friend
Someone who won't wait 'till you've stopped smiling and then
Say they only like you with a smiling face,
So you go running, crying to a place your fingers feel when the piano sings
Hidden between the hammers and the strings
But when when you look you find the music fades, it doesn't linger
And when the last chord is dissolved
The problem isn't solved
You're still searching for a song
Looking for someone to come along...

It's hard when you've hung your dream upon a star
In a world where people just don't see that far
You feel left out, you don't know what to say...
But you'll find that you're not the one who's left behind.
You stand alone because it's you who leads the way...

Young girl, wondering "Why is everybody throwing words around?"
Wondering why they ring with such a hollow sound,
Trying to get you to buy everything they say
So you slip away, where you can run and ride all through your dreams
Where things are plain and simple, so it seems
But when you get that picture perfect
And you open up your eyes,
There's still clouds in the skies
You're still feeling something strong
Looking for someone to come along...

It's hard, when everyone is going rushing by
And you're taking time and asking why
"Won't someone tell me please?"
But you'll find that you're not the one who's really blind
You stand alone 'cause you're the only one who sees...

So just keep telling your own tales,
Singing your own songs,
Dreaming your own dreams,
And someday, somewhere, someone will come along

Copyright Bill Pere,  All Rights Reserved