Teacher (Do I Matter Much at All? )
words and music by Bill Pere

Six o'clock in the morning, back again in this room
I can hear myself yawning , out in the hall,
It's old Sam, with his broom
Flicker lights, broken flask, I reflect, then I ask,
Squealing chalk as I scrawl, was I right to answer this call?
I don't know, Do I matter much at all?

I once believed in a future, but the years and the faces
race on by at light speed
Roll up my sleeves, I accouter these legions of learners
with facts they don't need
In their eyes I can see what I once dreamed for me
When they stare, am I there, do they just see me as part of the wall,
I feel small, Do I matter much at all?

Lift the shade, let the sun in, but it's me who's supposed to be
shedding the light
Hear the bell, the parade, they all run in, hope today I just might
Show them how to take flight, how to rise on up to new height
Between Spring and the Fall, they grow strong, they grow tall
I grow old, Do I matter much at all?

Used up my last sheet of paper, no more supplies on my shelf
Used up the last of my punch lines, used up the last bits of myself

(Instrumental)   Do I matter much at all?

Rubber-stamped days, homogenous haze, I open my eyes
the year is over, they're gone
Some scribbled notes in my yearbook, one from a troubled young lad who wrote ‘you helped me hang on'
Each long day, little pay, but when I hear just one young voice say
‘You helped me learn about life today' ,
That's when I know somehow, some way
Right there, Right then, I'd do it all again....

Copyright Bill Pere  All rights reserved.