The Wish
Words and Music by Bill Pere

Just beyond a star, slightly west of the moon,
In the fanciful dream of a child's afternoon
On a mountain top meadow, in a field full of phlox
He sees an old scroll and a strange wooden box

He opens up the box, sees a fine silver dish,
Says the script on the scroll, "This Will Grant You One Wish"
He smiles a great smile, his eye brightly gleams
With visions of things he'd done just in his dreams...

A thousand shining knights, and he'd be thier king
With a castle and a wizard and a minstrel to sing
Dreaming of battles, it gave him a thrill
And then, a dark shadow passes over the hill...

High upon the hill as he looks down at the town
The dragon of poverty comes swooping down
There's a creature of callousness, its mouth open wide,
And a beast of indifference there at its side

The children in the town give a cry of despair
As they search for what would save them, but find it's not there
These children are chased by these creatures above
Searching in vain for a shield forged of love

He saw the creatures getting closer, then it all became clear,
He held the dish and said "from this world, disappear..."
The Earth breathed a sigh, the dark thunder clouds broke,
The wind whispered "Thank you"...then, he awoke.

He jumped up out of bed, it was so real it seemed,
He said "Dad, let me tell you 'bout the story I dreamed"
He told the tale to his father, his mother, his friends,
They said "It's just a dream, so forget it! A dream always ends..."

He ran into the fields in the bright summer sun
His dream faded behind him, it was time to have fun...
As he played in the meadow, there behind some large rocks,
He saw an old scroll, and a strange wooden box...

Copyright Bill Pere,  All Rights Reserved