You're So Jejune   (words and music by Bill Pere)

(blah blah blah....)
You're so jejune
It's out of tune. You ruin my life
When you walk into the room
It gets so morose when you get verbose
And you attack me with syntactical alacrity
It makes me lacrymose
You could be sweet as galactose but
Your voice is stentorian, It's full of midichlorians
My heart's marooned, you're so jejune

(blah blah blah....)
With your spectacular vernacular
Your mouth is full of words I never heard
I can't get no osculation
Your pharyngeal vibration has your buccal parts all movin'
And you set yourself to provin' you're a lexical sensation
Cause you want a reputation that no one can impugn
But I learned real soon, you're so jejune

(blah blah blah....)
I see you're just a theurgist
It's all smoke and illusion
Your confusing fusillade is a tirade,
A facade you made
I can't speak my mind, the words bind behind
Your misperception .
Your misconception of my villification is floccinaucinihilipilification
I never meant us to be so jumentous
This love is a cartoon, you're so jejune...



Copyright Bill Pere. All rights reserved.