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with the LUNCH Ensemble and guest artists
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Alizarin Crimson


The Wish

TheViolin Maker

I Will Never Be Lost Again

Shadow Lad (for Newtown and the rest)

Teach Me How to Fly (live 2009)

Teach Me How to Fly (live 1997)
sung by ShaunaBeth Mandelburg

All of Us, God's Children
(sung by Caroline Zocco)

The Promise (live)

Let Me Count the Ways

I Am Erica

Time at the Table
(sung by Santana Roberts)
Christmas Eve, Silent Night

Give the Children a Tomorrow

Rhythms of Our Heart

Symphony of Man

When People Care

Orphans' Lament

(sung by Samantha Schaufler & Stefanie Schaufler)

Christmas Eve on the Poor Side of Town

Christmas Eve on the Poor Side of Town
(live, Stefanie Schaufler)

Christmas Eve on the Poor Side of Town
(live, Shauna Beth Mandelburg)

The Crib in the Creche

Dear Santa (Melody Pere) manning/vozzolo cover

What Love Really Means

Chapin Cover Songs with the Ensemble

Taxi   (Harry Chapin Cover)

Remember When the Music (Harry Chapin Cover)

Jubilation (Harry Chapin Cover)

Shooting Star (Harry Chapin Cover)

Enter the Young (Association Cover)

Flowers Are Red (Harry Chapin Cover)



Marry Me Mary (Kay Pere)

Beneath the Tree (Kay Pere)

Time at the Table (Kay Pere)

Hope  by Kay Pere,
 sung by Rebekah Philips for Voices For Hope


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