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Grammy-Award-Winning Songwriting that Gets Results, Combining Arts, Education, and Community Outreach
Song Development - Music Production - Music Business Mentoring  - Recording -  Workshops - Artist Development

Some Workshop Comments:
(for Songwriting Retreat  photos and comments, go here)

"That was the most coherent and practical presentation on songwriting I've ever heard, bar none".....  Mary Dawson,  Author "How to Get Somewhere in the Music Business from Nowhere With Nothing".

"I am amazed at your ability to make the material understandable" --
  George David Weiss, hit songwriter and past President of the Songwriters Guild of America .

"I thought I knew how to succeed, but Bill has shown me how to understand success. He really knows people and how to communicate. Great workshop!" -- Curtis Duggan

" It was a pleasure to be in your workshops.  Your grasp of the material and your ability to articulate it made it quite enjoyable" -- Ron Sowell, Founder, Mountain Stage Radio Show

"The information clearly exceeded my expectations."  -- Reginald Farrare

"This has been extremely informative. It goes beyond my expectations."-- 
LA Virgil

"The event went above and beyond our expectations, from the full house, which included University professional staff whom were very impressed themselves, to the glowing review that the campus paper gave to your presentation" -- University of Connecticut Dept of Career Services


Individualized Programs for developing talent and achieving career goals:   here

For 8 Keys to Success in the Music Business:   here

Special  IMC Programs here

School and Education Presentations:  here

Service Learning, Benefits, and Community Outreach:  here

Individualized Song Critiquing and Analysis by -e-mail or in person, through the CT Songwriting Academy

Performance, Production, and Songwriting that Gets Results !

Perfect for Schools, Conferences,  Private Clients

  • Songwriting Workshop (Songwriting Techniques that Get Results !) (
  • Collaboration Workshop  (Take the Labor out of Collaboration )
  • Song Critiques  (Taking the Mystique Out of Critique)
  • Ten Secrets to Success in the Music Business
  • The 8 Keys to Success in a People-Driven Business  (MBTI workshop)
  • Midi, Recording, and Production (Music Technology)
  • 26 Myths of the Craft and Business of Songwriting
  • How to Work With  a Producer
  • How to Be a Successful  Independent Artist
  • Internet Resources for the Independent Artist
  • Music Theory Techniques for Writing Effective Music
  • Publishing and Copyright Facts and Myths
  • Songwriting as a Hub for Curriculum Integration
  • Rhythm Workshops
  • The Benefits of Doing Benefits (Partnering with the Non-Profit Sector)
  • Social Change Through Music
  • Connecticut History Through Song  (social studies and history)
  • Music, Math and Computers  (music technology)
  • Probability: The math of magic and miracle  (math presentation)
  • Role Call - The Many Hats of being an Independent Artist (article here)

     PLUS -- Individual assessments in rhythm, voice, diction, performance, songwriting, guitar,
                   composition,  and much more.....

Some  programs may be eligible for partial funding through the CT Commission on Culture and Tourism, and other partner organizations.





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