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Bill Pere
"One of the Top 50 Innovators and Guiding Lights of the Music Business"   --Music Connection Magazine
"The link between music and science" -- New York Times

Visit the websites for all of Bill's charitable work through Local United Network to Combat Hunger (LUNCH) and other programs

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Bill was named as a  Hunger Fighting Hero by General Mills and Wakefern Foods, and he appears on a special edition Cheerios Box.  He is named "Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser of the Year" by the national  Association of Fundraising Professionals

Songwriting Retreat with Bill:   Info
Get a genuine Level-3 Song Critique

-- The ONLY source of genuine Level-3 Critiques and Songwriting  MicroStructure  Workshops in the US today.

   --  Featured Interview with Indie Connect Magazine

-- Featured by Music Connection Magazine as one of the "Top 50 Innovators and Guiding Lights in the music industry"

-- Featured Music Business Consultant,
Hartford Business Journal"

-- Featured Songwriting Coach, "Making Music"  Magazine,  and  "Hartford Business Journal"

-- "That was the most coherent and practical songwriting presentation I've ever heard, bar none"
Mary Dawson, Author "How to Get Somewhere in the
      Music Business From Nowhere With Nothing"

-- "Bill Pere embodies the link between science and music" -- The New York Times

--Bill Pere's "Donkey in a Ditch", co written with Les Julian,  is "the best children's song about a moral dilemma ever written"  --   Parent's Choice Magazine, December 1996




Songcrafters Coloring Book - Cover
In use on 6 continents!
 (still working on Antarctica...)

"Songcrafters' Coloring Book: The Essential Guide to Effective and Successful Songwriting"
by Bill Pere

Internationally acclaimed!  30 years in the making -- Definitely worth the wait !  
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Interested in a weekend songwriting retreat? 
 Bill's weekend retreats
are described as
"Life-Changing!" and "Transformative" .  Get your career on the fast track!

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"Write for yourself and have no public...or write for the public and have no self "   Those are not the only choices!  Bill's book shows how to have both!

Bill Pere & Kay Pere with songwriting legend Jimmy Webb

"Teaching the Art of Success"


Internationally published songwriter, recording artist and songwriting coach.  Author of the internationally acclaimed  "Songcrafters' Coloring Book"

One of the Top 50 Innovators and Guiding Lights of the Music Industry, as named by
Music Connection Magazine


13 Top-Ten Songs on various Indie charts for more than 120 consecutive weeks.  Included on soundtracks and podcasts on college and satellite radio.

--  An Official CT State  Troubadour
--An IMC Indie Artist of the Year
-- Founder,
L.U.N.C.H. --
-- Official Judge and Critiquer for several national/international songwriting and performance competitions  (list...)
-- President,
CT Songwriting Academy 
-- Executive Director, CT Songwriters Association
  (more  ...)

- Press Articles-

Connecticut Songwriting Academy - the Path to Success
Customized Programs for Helping Artists Reach Their Goals and Develop Their Talent (more...)
"Among the Best Critiquers in the Music Industry"  "Life-changing" workshops!"


Bill engineered a recording session with Grammy artist and Broadway legend Melba Moore at the  Hit Factory in NYC, with Kay Pere coaching the session, hosted by recording artist Emiko Carlin-Pearce

Featured Presenter/Performer:
-- New England Music Expo
-- Independent Music Conference, L.A.
-- IMC Dallas, TX
-- Musicians  Institute, Hollywood, CA
-- Songwriting School of Los Angeles, IMC
-- School of Audio Engineering Institute, L.A.
-- SongsAlive West Coast
-- IMC Conference, Philadelphia PA
-- SS Cape May Conference, NJ
-- New England Music Awards Conference, Lowell MA
-- LVC Revolution Music Conference, Harrisburg PA
-- CT Songwriting Conference
-- Indiegrrl Conference, Nashville TN
-- We Are Indie Conference, Knoxville, TN
-- Summer Songwriter Conference, Thetford, VT
-- IMC  Northampton, MA
-- CT Business & Technology Conference
-- Project LEARN
-- CMEA Conference
-- CAMPY Conference
-- Seattle Songwriting Workshop, WA
-- The Clay Center, Charleston WV
-- NERFA, University of Rhode Island
-- CSA Songwriting Retreat
-- Colleges and Universities
                               (more  ....)

Bill Pere performs in Philadelphia, PA
Bill Pere performing in Philadelphia
Bill Pere with the Chapin Band, Shubert Theater Bill Pere at the Shubert Theater, on stage with the original members of Harry Chapin's Band (Steve Chapin, Big John Wallace, and Howard Fields) along with their sons, and the the LUNCH Ensemble
May, 2008


Midi Workshop Video - Bill Pere
Made possible by a grant from the Connecticut Office of the Arts

Bill Pere Podcast Interview A PODCAST INTERVIEW

Bill Pere on Songwriting, Working for Social Justice, and Making Muisc Accessible to All.
Bill Pere joins Jordan Werme on the pod to talk about his life-long passion for songwriting and social justice.

The LUNCH Ensemble represents Bill's work toward ending childhood hunger. He has incorporated his songwriting passion into this work and has written "Songwriter's Coloring Book" to help other songwriters develop their craft. Bill is a Connecticut State Troubadour, President of the Connecticut Songwriter's Association and the 2003 Independent Artist of the Year. This is a wonderful conversation with a genuine expert in the craft.
-- Jordan Werme


Intermixx Magazine - 2003 Immie Awards

2003 IMC Indie Artist of the Year

Indie Bible - 10th Edition Cover
On the Cover + Feature Article

Songwriter's Market 2002 Cover
Feature Articles '01-'02

Music Connection Magazine 12/08
Named as One of the Top 50 Innovators in the Music Industry,  2008

Songcrafters' Coloring Book - cover
Bill's internationally acclaimed book on songwriting! (contents...)
( order form )

Special Edition Cheerios - Hunger Fighting Heroes

 Bill is featured as a Hunger-Fighting Hero on an Official Special Edition Cheerios Box
more here...

Co-writer "Best Children's Song About a Moral Dilemma Ever Written"..Parents Magazine,
Dec 1996

Presenting the ONLY workshops on Songwriting Microstructure in the US based on the groundbreaking concepts of "Songcrafters' Coloring Book"


BILL PERE --  One of the Top Song Analysts and Music Business Coaches Today

Using the Power of Popular Music to Produce Positive Social Action,  raising almost  $1,000,000 through benefit performances  and songwriting that gets results !  "

"Bill Pere is deeply committed to expanding the opportunities for songwriters, and for years has provided thousands on the East Coast with a welcoming community and a wide variety of events and programs"  -- Alex Forbes, hit songwriter

"Bill is one of the few teachers to emerge in the last 20 years who understands all these aspects of songwriting and is willing to share the knowledge with others." -- John Braheny, Author "The Craft and Business of Songwriting"

"Bill Pere embodies the link between music and science" -- The New York Times

"Dramatic songwriting" -- The Providence Journal

"Best song about a moral dilemma ever written" -- Parents Choice Magazine





Music Videos



Discography -- Here

High School My School - CD cover

Crest of a Wave - CD cover

Cityscape - CD cover

Songs For Kids Who Like to Think - CD cover

Songs for Kids with Common Scents - CD cover

Songs For Kids Who Touch the Stars - CD cover

Profiles of Connecticut - CD cover

You'll See a Much Brighter Day - CD cover

New Day Coming Tomorrow - CD cover

Christmas Eve on the Poor Side of Town - - CD cover

Dare to Dream - CD cover

         Rural Mural      

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